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Bible Stars Nigeria 2021
TV Show


Bible Stars reality TV show is becoming a global brand and is gradually and steadily finding its way into the hearts of the entire population of the country and beyond. The show is going to be the game-changer and the real deal which will bring about positive revolution and brighten people’s perception of the ultimate book, THE BIBLE.
That said, we are offering you and your brand a rare, extremely profitable and limitless recognition, popularity and opportunities to showcase your products and services to a larger audience through the Bible Stars TV Show 12 Gates Sponsorship Package.
In reality, the estimated reach of the show on weekly bases via television stations and live streaming on our various social media handles is projected to be 200 million worldwide! The 12 episodes and the grand finale will run for 53 weeks and 7 days respectively.
You really can’t afford to miss out all because

  • It is negotiable and flexible
  • You are sure to get much more than expected in return
  • The highest bidder stands to be then lead sponsor and enjoy mouthwatering opportunities!

More interestingly, this offer is also opened to churches!
Take the leading position amongst many mega churches who want to reach out to us for sponsorship ticket and get the name and logo of your church and the church’s various events, services and investments advertised during the show.


Exclusive benefits as the lead sponsor

  • Your brand logo will be graciously engraved on the side of the flaming sword.
  • Your brand name and logo will be uniformly displayed periodically on the 12 digital screens that will be on top of the 12 gates during the show.
  • You will graciously occupy the inside cover, center spread and back cover of the Bible Stars Nigeria 2021 colorful preview magazine that will be printed and distributed in millions throughout the country and possibly beyond.
  • 1 minute’s commercials for your goods and services at the beginning of the show is assured.

Other benefits available to sponsors include but not limited to

  • Opportunity to have one of the 12 gates branded in your brand name and/or logo.
  • Opportunity to have you brand name and logo inscribed on the vests on the 12 contestants at the grand finale.
  • Opportunity to have your brand name and logo signage on one of the 12 pillars on stage.
  • Opportunity to have the contestants as well as the host’s endorsement of your brand.
  • Opportunity to have your brand logo displayed on the big cheque board to be presented to the winners.

Much huger benefits will be revealed as things unfold.

Entries for Sponsorship close by January 25th 2021

Email: sp@biblestarstvshow.com
Call: 07048811294, 08087863562