BREAKING NEWS: The Organisers of Bible Stars are set to raise 100 Partners for Bible Stars Reality Show

Mar 08, 2024
BREAKING NEWS: The Organisers of Bible Stars are set to raise 100 Partners for Bible Stars Reality Show

Pastor Bectta Eferobome, the visionary behind Bible Stars has taken a big step to redefine the worldview of Reality Television. As he is set to host the first-of-its-kind reality TV show, setting a new standard for entertainment with integrity, he makes a mark that has never been seen before with the next phase of the Bible stars Reality Shows titled "The Big House Experience"

This groundbreaking show is not just another reality TV spectacle—it's a beacon of hope and inspiration for families and nations worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to showcase kingdom values and riches, Bible Stars aims to deliver an all-encompassing experience that uplifts and edifies viewers, while showcasing the best of entertainment.

As part of this monumental undertaking, Pastor Bectta and the Bible Stars organizing team are launching "Operation 100 Partners" —an initiative aimed at rallying 100 kingdom-minded men and women to support this noble cause. With a shared vision of promoting positivity and morality in the media, Operation 100 Partners seeks individuals who are ready to invest their resources in advancing the kingdom of God through entertainment.

But what sets Bible Stars apart from other reality shows? Pastor Bectta makes it clear: this is not your typical reality TV affair. Unlike shows that glorify nudity, drunkenness, and discord, Bible Stars offers content that is both educational and entertaining, fostering strong family bonds and providing quality role models for our nation. This is exactly what we need to bring back peace and rebuild stability in homes and shine light where needed.


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With a budget estimated at 300 million Naira, the scope of The Big House Experience is truly staggering. From the magnificent setup to the production and equipment costs, every aspect of the show has been meticulously planned to ensure a world-class viewing experience. Highlights include the grand prize of a brand new car, 30 days of welfare for contestants, and an abundance of captivating segments within the Big House, including the Realms of Glory, the Game Court, and the Angelic Visitations (a jaw-dropping list of celebrity guest appearances), start of art structures and many more.

Joining forces with Bible Stars as a partner would not just be about investing in the kingdom—it would also unlock a plethora of exclusive benefits and opportunities. As a partner, you will gain access to a wealth of perks designed to enrich your experience and amplify your impact. From strategic branding opportunities to VIP access, partnering with Bible Stars opens the door to a host of exciting advantages.

To learn more about Operation 100 Partners and how you can become a part of this historic endeavor, click on the link below.

Operation 100 Partners Page

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we embark on this incredible journey with Bible Stars.

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