BREAKING NEWS: Your Dream Reality Show is set to hit your screens – Get Ready to Tune in!

Mar 08, 2024
BREAKING NEWS: Your Dream Reality Show is set to hit your screens – Get Ready to Tune in!

How many times have you said this to yourself: "I am bored! What can I watch that is not negatively addictive?"

It could have a cold morning or one hot afternoon or even a rainy day that brought the thought to you, but regardless we are certain that the thought did come.

Movies aren't doing you enough justice, how many do you want to watch before you get tired again? You then hear about one show as a Christian and say "let me even see what they are watching". You put on the television and tune to the channel, or check it on your phone...

"Jesus is Lord! What is this?"

You exclaim as you see a lady wearing next to nothing and dancing in a way that your Mummy must not see.

"Haa! This is not for me" you say. Even the lyrics of the song is alarming.

Hold that thought!

One fierce afternoon in Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria, west Africa (yes for emphasis) a young man is staring at a screen, sweating dripping as he watches a woman hold a gun to the air! She says "are you ready?" A watching crowd shouts in response.

This young man's heart is beating fast, you can almost hear it ...thump..thump thump....thump...

The lady with the gun smiles and blasts the gun. Our young man runs to a platform and grabs a bible, he starts to search frantically, time is running, the crowd goes wild.

It is a bible task, a race against time with memory, not your regular "Draw your sword" game!

SUDDENLY a timer goes off and a countdown begins, the crowd chants with the timer... 10...9...8...

Our young man is still searching... He is anxious, he starts to shake...

6...5...4... He is yet to find what he is searching for...

"Hold on, dear writer? What are you writing?" You wonder.

Well... we are telling you about a real event that happened during the Bible Stars Eviction show. Do you like what you read? Now imagine watching it or seeing it live!!!

Envision one big house of glamour and 12 housemates with over 30 more engaging segments and activities, all on a journey to crown a winner with the title "Bible Personality of the Year" and that is not all. The winner will walk away with the cash prize of Ten Million Naira and A BRAND-NEW CAR! Not only that, bring a weekly viewers' play to the center where the audience get to win amazing cash prizes.

The best part... this is REAL! And it is BIBLE STARS REALITY SHOW!

No Nudity, no 18+ warnings, no awkward TV moments when watching with your parents! No, you all as a family can sit together and enjoy this engaging and suspense filled reality TV show. It is an all-in-one show that none of its kind exist!

Be a partner of the Bible Stars TV Show

WELL!!!!!! Good news to you because the countdown to the BIG HOUSE EXPERIENCE is almost over. Hurray!!!

You are reading this for a reason, YES YOU! You have been specially selected to behold this page because you will be our friend out there to spread the news to everyone that a truly entertaining , INTRIGUING AND THE BIGGEST REALITY SHOW EVER, that your mom, dad, wife, husband, cousins, friends, can all watch together is here.

Our story began with a simple call to action, encouraging individuals from churches across Nigeria to sign up and showcase their faith, talent, and passion for the Word.

What followed was an overwhelming response, with hundreds of eager participants submitting their entries and vying for a chance to become part of something truly extraordinary.

As the competition intensified and the stakes grew higher, the journey took us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, challenges, and triumphs. From the thrilling highs of victory to the heart-wrenching lows of elimination, each moment brought us closer to the ultimate goal—THE BIG HOUSE.

And now, with the final 12 stars selected to grace your screens, the excitement has reached a fever pitch. But this is just the beginning of our adventure. As we gear up for the next phase of the show, we're thrilled to invite you, our loyal audience, to join us on this life changing journey.

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