Be The Next Global Star!

Have you ever imagined watching a TV show that will keep you entertained, enlightened, engaged while still centered on the scriptures? Imagine no further! The Bible stars show will do just that! This a show that has you in mind- regardless of your demographic or age grade- it’s for the whole family! The core value of what this show represents is the Scriptures- and that’s what we aim for, living out the scriptures as you sign up to participate or watch.

Okay, so what’s in it for me?

First of all, participating in this show guarantees prizes already, imagine winning! Now, here’s what you get:
A Brand New Car!
Plus a cash prize of Five hundred thousand Naira (₦500,000) including other benefits! This an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss! Wondering how to make it happen?

Register and make your way to victory!

Registration is in progress!

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