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A Show With A Difference, The Big House In A Glimpse

A Show With A Difference, The Big House In A Glimpse


An extremely exceptional faith based show has been unveiled. Undoubtedly, the entertainment industry is about to be flooded with an exciting, educative and value adding content centered on living out heavenly reality in the physical realm. Nothing like you have ever seen on air!

The organizers of the first ever faith-based reality TV Show; Bible Stars TV Show has affirmed that they have planned out the good life for their housemates whom they refer to as STARS!

Beyond the thrill and excitement on Television and social media, Bible Stars TV show will give the housemates executive treatment just the way God has planned it out for believers to enjoy.

While several planning and underground work has been put in place to ensure that the reality of the supernatural is displayed in the physical realm, the organizers of the Bible Stars show threw a challenge at everyone who is curious on what heaven looks like to either register and be a part of the show or anticipate the airing of the show on all platforms.

In a place called the BIG HOUSE, all of these activities that would further show forth heavenly realities would be hosted. While 12 housemates who have passed through several phases of drilling and selection would be made to engage in several exciting biblical tasks and games, they would also be at the fore front of enjoying the luxury that would be available in the BIG HOUSE.

Purpose and talents would be discovered, trained, explored, managed and effectively utilized in the Big House. At the end of the stipulated number of days, the contestant who shines the most would lift the Flaming Sword and be crowned as the ‘Bible Person Of The Year’. However, the other 11 housemates would also win a lot of amazing prizes even as they gain great recognition worldwide.

The question running through the mind of many Nigerians now is whether or not a faith-based reality TV Show with so much thrill and class as this is achievable in Nigeria. We’ll find out soon enough.