Bible Stars Reality Show

Welcome to the ultimate battle of faith and knowledge, where champions contend to claim the coveted title of "Bible Personality of the Year."

This is not just a show; it is a journey that is fully packed with showcasing royalty! While fully expressing the riches of the kingdom in reality show like never seen before, get ready to be blown away by contests and our celebrity guest ministers who stand true to the very essence of the Bible Stars Tv show. You are not ready for the wonders that your eyes will behold. From the structure, to the stage to the Big House experience, get ready to experience a close representation of heaven on earth.

The Grand Prize: Prepare for a thrilling showdown winner claims the coveted title of “Bible Personality of the Year” and walk away with a dazzling cash prize Ten Million Naira and the keys to a brand-new car. But the rewards don't stop there; cash prizes await the first and second runner-up contenders.

The Bible Stars Reality Show is a riveting experience divided into two intense stages. It all begins with the Eviction Stage, where only 36 participants who emerge from the challenges set before thousands of interested participants face off to secure their spot in the spotlight. These 36 rising stars will face off to battle for 12 keys that will grant them access to the BIG HOUSE!

Stage 1 (The eviction show): This where the 36 contenders will battle for the 12 keys. Brace yourself for a battle of champions as these top contenders engage in an intense showdowns to claim their keys. But this isn't just a spectator sport; our viewers at home can participate too by voting their favorite stars to gain any of the top 12 spots to the big house.

The Big House: After the eviction show that will emerge 12 stars from 36 contenders, the Reality Show will begin and the battle of the fiercest will resume at the epicenter of our main reality show, to claim the coveted title "Bible Personality of the Year" and the grand prize.

The big house experience is nothing like ever seen before. Get ready for ground shaking tasks, ferocious competitions, celebrity guests artists and many features showing the values of the Kingdom of God. It is going to be a whole experience!

Registration has officially closed, and our 36 Bible Star contestants have been handpicked to embark on this incredible journey. Get ready as the Bible Stars Eviction Show is about to grace your screens.

Join us on this unforgettable journey and be part of the epic showdown that will crown the Bible personality of the Year! This is more than just a show.