The Golden Book Championship (The Fundamental)

Are you ready to put your biblical wisdom to the test? The Fundamental is the ultimate battleground for teams who love the Bible and the riches within it.

Surprises are expected here because all you need is your love for the word; who think they do not know their bibles may spring out as winners.

Here's what you can expect:

The Challenge: Prepare to dive deep into the heart of biblical knowledge. This championship will throw you into a thrilling world of intricate questions that will push your understanding to new heights. It's not just about reading the Bible; it's about truly comprehending its profound teachings. Do not worry if you think your knowledge isn’t scholar level, the championship is designed to be suitable for all knowledge experiences and that is the best part!

Team Dynamics: Registration is open to all for an online screening out of which only 120 will be selected to make up 40 teams, each filled with contenders who share your passion for biblical wisdom. You'll form connections, forge alliances, and engage in fierce battles of wits with your teams. Prepare for suspense packed action as the teams will win together or lose together.

The Victory: Triumph in this championship, and you and your team will earn more than just the Golden Book Trophy. You with your team could just be the winner of the N10,000,000 grand prize. You'll become a beacon of knowledge and faith, inspiring others to delve deeper into the Word of God.