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Welcome to the Bible Stars T.V Show where you can become a GLOBAL CELEBRITY just by participation. Can I hear some drum rolls please!!!!

You’ve read, you’ve watched, you’ve heard about the Bible Stars T.V show and The Big House, but you are thinking, what is it like? Well today is your lucky day because I will be your personal virtual tour guide today, yipee!!!

Welcome to The Big House. Beautiful isn’t it, to the right is the garden, a hub for relaxation and divine encounters, wonderful ambience, beautiful flowers, stunning floral patterns and arrangement. A place every housemates would definitely look forward to be everyday, all through their stay in the big house and of course they would miss it even after they leave.

To the left is the arena, what I like to call the battleground, where champions emerge and strength is impacted to the weak. The arena will feature series of battles and games that determines who emerges as a conqueror and proceeds to the next stage of the T.V show. Well, there is still more so lets go.

The lounge or if you like call it the common room, a place of fellowship, interaction, relaxation and fun for the housemates. If I were in The Big House, this lounge will definitely be one of my favourite spot in the house because the couch are so beautiful and soft, but now lets go to my favourite spot, The banquet Room…

What a large table, the kings table, and you know what they say, at the kings table, nothing is lacking. With variety of foods and courses to pick from, housemates get to eat a wide range of food, both continental and local delicacies because our goal is to ensure every housemate who makes it into the show MUST experience heaven on earth in this house, and while they don’t eat food in heaven, they don’t go hungry or wanting there so here in The Big House, Hunger or want is also not allowed.

Moving up to the rooms, on the east wing of the hall is the male dormitory and to the west wing in the female dormitory. These rooms have a walk-in closet and each housemate have an allocated wardrobe filled with beautiful wears and Partner Merchandise. These are the beds, I mean aren’t they executive? And the rooms are big enough to accommodate everyone and give each of them their privacy. Now, should you crave for some fresh air, we’ve got you covered, both dormitory rooms have an attached balcony that overviews the garden, you enjoy fresh air and get to gaze at the amazing creative art of God in nature.

Now, there are rules guiding the day to day activities of housemates in this house and every housemates will be given a rule book when they step in to the house. Disobedience of the rules leads to various sanctions and punishments, well, hopefully all the housemates obeys the rules and have an amazing time in The Big House.

I hope you enjoyed your Virtual Tour and I wasn’t a boring Tour Guide, in case you want to experience the Big House better, just go on and register for the T.V show and who knows, you could be the Next Global Bible Star.

Thank you for joining me today, see you next week.

To enjoy the comfort, adventure, battles and so many more in The Big House, Click here to register.

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