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Where there is no vision, the people perish says the scriptures and every sustainable project must be born out of, sustained and guided by a Vision and the Bible Stars Tv show isn’t an exception to this.

The Vision of the project was delivered by divine providence to the Visionier, Bectta Eferobome in 1999 and it was tagged “The Mother of all Reality TV Shows”. The aim of the show is to take the church out of the traditional church setting and tight schedules to our everyday live and our TV screens and see people live out the Christian life in front of an audience they are and are not aware of.

History of The show.

The First Edition of the show was held in Ilorin in 2009, having over 800 applicants in a month and ran for 4 months. The Grand Finale was hosted at Royal Shekinah multipurpose hall and received massive attendance and applause. Mrs A. Ayanda emerged as the winner of the first edition.

She went home with a prize of ₦ 50,000 plus brand new 32 inches TV set and other contestant also had consolation prizes.

Objectives of the show.

The list below contains the objectives of the show

  • To live out the scriptures.
  • It brings together people of various cultures that is it promotes unity in diversity
  • On the foundation of reality is what The BibleStars is all about
  • To show the world the reality of living the Christian Faith in real life
  • Housemates are encouraged and allowed to live their normal lives except for breaking the house rules

The Flaming Sword

This Edition of The BibleStars TV show is Tagged THE FLAMING SWORD. Searching for not just the strong but those steadily willing to be strengthened, not just the fiery hot but those that are ready to fan to flame the gift of God in them, not the best of the best but must the best of the prepared. So are you worthy of THE FLAMING SWORD


The Auditions are strictly online and available to everyone all over the nation. Every aspiring contestant are required to pay a sum of ₦ 3200 to the account on our website www.biblestarstvshow.com after which they will be sent a login pin for them to enter the audition game on the on the website and on the TV show app and the contestants that made the highest point would be sent confirmation and congratulatory mail to welcome them to The Bible Star show. The Batch A audition currently on going.


The show is opened to people from 18 years old and above.

Show Schedule

The show is scheduled to run for a period of 12 months, having 4 different batches of 12 housemates each lasting 2 months. Each batch produces 3 Survivors and they are sent to the Finals. The 12 housemates from the batches have 1 ancient gate each will battle it out in the giant 12 ancient gates magnificent arena for The Flaming Sword.


Viewers at home get to determine the housemates they want to remain in the house by their votes. Viewers are expected to download the Bible Stars App on either Google playstore or Apple App store.

Housemates also make in game point for right conducts, success in tasks and also in-house battles.

The Prize.

Everyshow has a prize attached to it and for this edition of The BibleStars, The Grand prize is a brand new saloon car and a cash gift of ₦ 500,000 for the Winner. Other contestant also go have lots of cash prizes at various points in the game.

Treasures and Home Play

Home play is a segment of the Show where viewers at home answer question rolled out and winners are picked randomly. Awesome prizes await the winners.

Viewers at home are also able to win cash prizes up to ₦ 100,000 online by playing the paid version game on The BibleStar available 24/7 called TREASURES

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