Watch out for the first edition of the Bible Stars weekend Challenge

Bible Stars Weekend Challenge

Are you ready for a thrilling weekend challenge that will have you on the edge of your seat? Welcome to the electrifying Bible Stars Weekend Challenge where faith, knowledge, and speed collide!

The Challenge: Picture this: as the weekend dawns, our website becomes the battleground for a high-stakes quiz-like showdown. From Friday at 6 am until Saturday 11 AM, contenders like you go head-to-head, racing against the clock to answer questions and score big. The quicker you respond, the higher you climb on the leaderboard. It's a battle of wits, and the stakes are sky-high!

The Weekend Show: The climax of every thrilling challenge happens after the final stage. On Sunday at 7:30 pm when we unveil the top three scorers of our Weekend Challenge!

Our top scorer of the challenge will walk away with the incredible cash prize of N50,000, while the second position wins a handsome reward of N25,000 and the third position N10,000. We know how to celebrate champions!

How to Participate: to be a part of this challenge, participants are expected to get a participation pin at the token amount of N500 only. This pin will help you gain access to the weekend challenge once the questions are up on the website. But wait, there's more!

The Survival Stage: There is the survival stage, which will take place on the first three weeks of every month, i.e The first three weeks will have a 24/7 survival race to determine who will participate in the Challenge. Those that qualify will participate in the final stage. Registration will be on for the 3-weeks and everyone with participation PIN will all participate in this survival stage to qualify.

The Final Stage: Those that qualify in the 3-weeks survival stage will secure a spot to participate in a Final challenge, where the top three winners will receive rewards of N50,000, N25,000, and N10,000 respectively. The results and performance cards of each participant will be published on the website and social media platforms. The finals will take place from Friday 6am to Saturday 11am on the last week of the month.

The Bible Stars Weekend Show is just around the corner. Get ready to be part of the action, feel the adrenaline, and test your knowledge. Watch this space or anticipate our arrival because we're about to light up your weekends like never before! The excitement never ends!


The Bible Stars Weekend Challenge is an exhilarating weekend quiz-like competition that takes place on our website. It's a battle of faith, knowledge, and speed where participants answer questions to earn scores and climb the leaderboard.

Participation is simple! Visit our website during the challenge window, from Friday at 6 am to Sunday at 4 pm. Answer the questions as quickly as possible to earn higher scores.

Yes! The Top 10 Scorers of each week's challenge will earn the spotlight on the weekend show and also the first position on the top 10 leader board will win a cash prize of N50,000, the second position; N25,000 and the third position N10,000!

Yes! The top 10 scorers for the four weeks of each month win a spot to compete in the monthly Grand Finale. All 40 top scorers will battle for the one spot winning prize of N100,000. The remaining 39 contenders will get consolation prizes. Everyone has a chance to be a winner!

Yes, participants are to obtain a participation pin for a token amount of N500. N500 naira pin to participate in a weekly challenge that rewards its top scorer with N50,000!

Yes, the Bible Stars Weekend Challenge is open to participants from around the world. Knowledge knows no borders!

Registration for the weekly challenge will be open weekly from Monday through Sunday. All interested participants can obtain their participation pin in this period before the challenge closes by 4pm on Sunday. The Participation pin is valid for only one weekly challenge entry at a time.

To stay in the loop about upcoming challenges and other exciting shows on Bible Stars, keep an eye on our website and follow our social media channels. Anticipate the fun!

The Weekend Show, where we announce the Top Scorer, airs every Sunday at 7:30 pm on DSTV, specifically on _______[Channel Name]. Tune in to witness the excitement!

The Bible Stars Weekend Challenge is a continuous weekend show. It will run from 6:00am on Friday to Sunday 4:00pm every week. Once you obtain your pin for the week, you are good to participate!

Prepare to be dazed by the Bible Stars, a multidimensional Bible and Faith Based Tv show that is set to unite hearts all over t

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