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We are made up of three individuals namely: Omokaiye Opeyemi From Edo, Mrs Oyarinu Funmi, Ayodele DivineGrace From Kogi State. Coming together has been a blessing because of its uniqueness. Despite the ups and Downs God still kept us. I love Team spirit we put on together because a house divided against itself cannot stand and thank God for the we feeling we put in together.

We all know the fact that altar is essential in christiandom for  survival of believers and many generations. This is what makes altar more important  in Christianity. Any Christian without an altar is like a vehicle without fuel. This is what makes us as believers to be "more than conqueror." Team Altar!

Frankly speaking, we are created based on covenant  on the altar of creation which is the word of God. Because the word creates and make alive.  
The word altar is very significant because it is a sacred and holy place where we commune with God.  As it was in the old time so it is today. 

In team Altar, we made a great and unique team that works together, strive together, and succeed together, also believe in hard work, vision and  consistency.

Just the way success boost up the team's zeal; defeat also sours the mood even though things did not go the way we It ought to be, still we are very proud of ourselves.

It is a good thing to be a winning team rather than a losing one. However, The important thing is to do your best every day have fun, and Show gratitude when you win. Be hopeful when you lose.  Above all in everything, give thanks.

We have always wanted our lives to please God. The show has been an avenue to familiarize us with how to study the Bible more which leads to spiritual growth.
 Also allows us to gain a deeper understanding of God's role in our lives it helps us to grasp the whole story of Scripture in our memories and make us to be more deeper. We really do appreciate the Bible Star TV Show for the great privilege given to us to show case our God's given talent. We will forever be grateful. God bless BSTV SHOW and God Bless us. Amen?
Thank you