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Meeting my fellow team mates was really an exhilarating moment I cannot underemphasize, the bond of love was really ionic.

Josephine Amuche Daniel all the way from Delta state, Olorunfemi Ayodele sunday from the south Western part of Nigeria, Ondo state and my humble self Adeniji Sunday Adewale from the north Central geopolitical zone, kwara state to be precise was really a uniformity of perfection. Naturally speaking, people from different geopolitical zones don't easily merge as one, but I couldn't explain the high level of maturity and fold of platonic love that sprouted naturally amidst us, our combination portrays perfection from the pizazz of beauty showcased by Josephine's beautiful smiles to the fundamental prodigious trait exercised by myself and Olorunfemi, we collectively coined the insurmountable slogan: STRONGER IN STORM, ROOTED IN CHRIST. we are the team STORM!

Not limited to physical abilities, our prowess extended to spirituality, I must confess we together made a strong wall of victory, we began the journey to the eviction show with stronghold of prayers while anticipating greatly to emerge as the Victor of the highly coveted golden book trophy and also make it to the big house together.

Being a praying mantis is our root, while showcasing confidence, we are prepared to compete in whatever biblical task ahead of us fearlessly as a well prepared stallion that can never stumble.

Not to our selves alone,  we propitiously  encourage our viewers at home to showcase boldness and never be dismayed in whatever life endeavors they may encounter. 

 I'm proud to be intertwined with my fellow team mate as we show high level of optimism so as to emerge the winner. We don't only rage, we storm the world to claim the trophy with Christ on our side.

Finally, our inestimable appreciation goes to Bible stars for such an amazing free and fair pairing, showcasing fairness of Christ and task of reconciliation from birth to resurrection. Expect more from team storm as we storm the stage in the eviction show!