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Suite 8, Dabic Shopping Plaza, Yoruba Rd, 240212, Ilorin, Kwara



The above is the sound downloaded from Zion when it pleases the Immortal to start something unprecedented through the obedient Papa Beccta who caught the vision of the show 'Biblestartvshow'

The sound echoed from the annals of Elohim which His anointed aligned which was trapped by a Stellar Trio named 'Noah','Deborah' and 'Deborah'.The Doubled Deborah was not a coincidence as one is named Wakili from Niger and the other who happened to be the youngest hailed from the great Kwara where this great show is sculpted from.

Our meeting not being coincidental stems from the fact that there are 2 Deborah's assisted by a Noah who emanated from Ondo state in the same group.This I believed is responsible for the indefatigable synergy that existed between the Trio regardless of their difference in denomination.

Though we are 3 reserved persona,the energy we often times generate even in times when we missed our respective questions can't be photocopied.

Though there are competitive pressures around for the Golden book by other hopeful teams,we are full of faith to be a strong partaker of this great Book for we are 'His Precious Stones' as the sound distinctively find it's way to these 3 stellar vessels as a predestined function.

We salute the Team Rock for their exceptionality amongst all the other teams,however,the real show is about to begin big time trust me.