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Hello there, I am Stephen Olabamiji from the Historical Ogun State.

I represent the formidable Team Cloud, we are formidable because "We are cool, calm and connected."
My wonderful mates in the team are Ogechukwu Gilbert and Chiwendu Jonah, both from the prestigious Imo state.

Our team has been the cynosure of all eyes because just like the Pillar of Cloud in Exodus, we lead you out of dampened or dejected state. It is not possible to have an encounter with any of us and remain gloomy.


Eversince we met at the Bstv Camp, we have made indelible positive prints in our individual lives that we would always be proud of.

Our ambition as a team going into the Golden Book Championships, was to give a good run for the tangible and intangible rewards which we did achieve by God's grace and the goodwill of Men.

The Golden Books Championship made us learn the need to slow down and carry people around us along since the strength of a Team individual is irrelevant if other members of the Team cannot complement such strength with their own inputs. We all learnt to tutor ourselves, plan and pray together that we might collectively overcome our given tasks.

We were knocked out of the first championship due to a tricky bible portion that we were to open in the sword drill segment.

The exact verse to be opened was the first verse on a new page. So in a bid to open quickly, my mates opened Chapter 24:25 instead of verse 26. Time already elapsed when we discovered that the verse to be opened was just a page away and painfully, we got disqualified. It was a very cheap way to lose further chances of showing ourselves approved but it only made us better.


Our best moment was during those times we got disqualified, we were so strong that we always embraced ourselves, forgetting the things that are behind to strategize for the next challenge.


The way we unashamedly chanted our slogans during those times stood out for me.

My favorite team is my team. Aside from my team is Team Rock which consists two of my very close brethren. For my female colleagues, the favorite team was Team Rain.

Team Rock deserved their Wins. All Glory to God ?.

Yours as a STAR showing the realities of the BIBLE on TV.

Stephen A.
Representing Team CLOUD.
We are cool, calm and connected.