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When you put the massive structure of Oguine Kelechukwu Precious and Alex Nwankwo, and the fast thinking, talented Onyeka Nwosu, one can tell the dynamics that exist in team *cross.* Not only do we share strength, we are resolute and determined to win and that spells our motto: *We set the pace.*


Bible stars Tv show has really been a wonderful journey, it is one that challenges us with the aim of bringing out the best in us. From our first day here, I have realised the reason why we are called a team. My teammates weakness is my strength and my strength is their weakness. One valuable lesson I have learnt is that we take the wins as a team, likewise the loss as a team.

We went into the Golden book Championship to win, we had no excuse not to win and even though we didn't meet our target, we understood ourselves and we believe we had put in our best. I for one wasn't angry we lost, I just enjoyed the sense of brotherhood.

My best moment in the group was when we first realised our weaknesses. It was fun exploring each other strength and weakness, and I think that is where the fun was piled. 

I will say my favorites team is Team *cross* and I love this team cos of its brotherhood love. 

Well I think Team Rock deserves to win, they were hungry and prepared so I wish them all the best. 


Team Cross is highly motivated, and I believe the motivation to move forward regardless of our obstacles will keep us pushing in this show and beyond. 


We always set the pace