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We are Team Light . The team consists of three remarkable brothers. First, we have Brother Olawale Adelerin hailing from Ekiti State. Olawale is a calm and observant individual who possesses a unique talent for drama. In addition to his dramatic skills he has a passion for singing and often finds solace in it when he is alone.


Next, we have Brother Samson Isaac Onoruoyiza, a vibrant member of our team representing Kogi State. Samson is known for his infectious energy and natural leadership abilities. He is a talented spoken word artist and the founder of Kingdom Light Message, a platform dedicated to sharing godly content. With his creative yet captivating approach, Samson strives to inspire and uplift others through his words.


Last but not the least, we have Brother Chukwunonso Ozoemena originally from Anambra State. He is great young man with a deep love for God and a passion for kingdom things. Chukwunonso is characterized by his insatiable curiosity and his eagerness to learn and explore new things. Known for his inquisitive nature he often poses thought-provoking questions. One of his favorite bible verses is Psalm 23 which resonates deeply with him. He is a lover of football, he plays and support Arsenal Football Club. Chukwunonso's calm and reserved demeanor complements the personalities of the other brothers in our team.


Together as Team Light we bring a diverse range of talents and qualities that complement one another. We combine the calm and observant nature of Olawale, the vibrant energy and leadership of Samson and the inquisitiveness and reserve of Chukwunonso. With our united efforts, we aim to make a positive impact by spreading light inspiration and godly values to those around us.


We Team Light are well-known for our incredible enthusiasm and boundless energy.  Together we embrace the motto *"We are the light we shine the light."* 


As we discussed the upcoming eviction show our strong bond compelled us to strive for greatness. We agreed that it was our duty as members of Team Light to give our all in the pursuit of the Golden Book Trophy and the Golden Key. After all it is our responsibility to let our light shine wherever we go.


Before embarking on this journey, we gathered in prayer seeking divine guidance and strength. With unwavering faith and determination we presented our desires and aspirations to the Almighty. We fervently pray for favorable outcomes and blessings upon our endeavors.


Our expectations for the eviction show are twofold. First we aim to secure at least one of the coveted trophies through God's grace. This objective serves as a testament to the power of the light within us and demonstrates the profound impact we can make when we unite for a common cause.


Secondly, we eagerly anticipate witnessing a revival of love and devotion to God among the audience. By witnessing the relentless pursuit of excellence and godly achievements by young individuals like ourselves, we hope to ignite a fire within others to pursue their full potential for the kingdom.


In summary as Team Light we are motivated, passionate and driven to be a beacon of hope and inspiration. With utmost humility and reliance on divine guidance we strive to shine brightly leaving a lasting impact on this eviction show and the lives of those watching.???