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We are Team Fire

When it comes to purification
Fire Stand out as the best element proven to bring out the best quality in a thing
As team fire we are unabashed, dedicated, revealing truth without compromise, respected by every other elements for never loosing guard.

Our fire has been kept burning not because we are knowledgeable or have full understanding of God's word but that the Holy Spirit's who is a symbol of our emblem has groom each one of us personally and corporately through prayer that we are supposedly known for.  

Meet us as family rather than a team because we all hail of the same creator and father, in no particular order, members of the family are Pelumi from Oyo Peter also from Oyo State and Emmanuel from Edo State.

In lieu of the upcoming eviction show our resilient, ability and grace to savage ineptitude act to attaining full potential in men is our unique virtue every vision minded person envisage.

As a team we have resolute in our heart to hold on and bring out our best and let the will of God play out.

Our vision are three:
* To socialise in a Christian way by understanding our self and each others vision and God's unique grace in our life!
*Next just like every living being we desire and would put out our effort to see that we are able to win some trophies and top if God gives us the chance 
*Then lastly we desire with a burden in our heart that all our activity in the game affect other within the competition and other viewers outside the immediate location via any form to coming to see that even in diversity as human we can still live in love, peace and work together as the master desire his own to be!

 Team  Fire ?:  we  are burning for Christ and can't be cool