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This is the writing of OMOWALE SHILE one of the members of TEAM ROCK.


Amidst other groups, my team consists of a northerner David who came all the way from PLATUE STATE and two westerners, Omowale Shile and Jibodu Oluwafunke Mary who aids from OGUN STATE....


Thanks be to God for this fair pairing, Absolutely I know I don't have the bests amongst all but I can tell you this are the best people I believe we can work things out together!


Absolutely it's not of him that Willeth like the scripture says but of the lord that showeth mercy, I believe strongly by the mercies of the lord and cooperation with my team mates we should get the Golden book trophy to our team name. 


The way stars from different denominations gel here is so amazing, _like I don't know that catholic guys pray in Tongues until now_ (I mean no insult)...I really love what am seeing, I can bet you don't know what's about happening to the body of christ from this space. *Unity undivided! Love unwavering! Re-engineering of Faith! Kai* ???


Like the adage says, what is good needs prayer same as what's not, this is a very amazing something we all thank God for being a part of, you can be a part as well by supporting us, praying for us for the grace of perfection of the plans of God and transformation of minds....moreso, don't watch alone ooo and ensure to vote when time comes...



We love you all,

Prepare for transformation,

Watch out!!!