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Team Ark is a team of relevant personalities, it is a team of saviors and survivors. Upon being selected to be a part of a team at first, fate wasn't fulfilled until Benjamin was divinely reassigned to be amongst those who were the carpenters that saved God's creation and the embodiment of holiness.. With this ideology, ? Benjamin, ? Abba and ? Daniel coined  the moto: we saved creation and the holiness of God. it was a formidable force who were ready to unleash capable potentials on each stages of the eviction show.

Upon being selected by God's permissive will to join team Ark, their first meeting was an eye for the Golden trophy and on the same note ready for hurdles and oppositions that would come. A common goal between Benjamin, Abba and Daniel was to put in their best, not taking it as a do or die affair and making sure not to spoil the appreciating fun of the game. 

As the show progressed Benjamin and his spiritual builders came to understand that no man is truly an Ireland and in all we must be able to carry our team mates along regardless of their flaws or inabilities. They learnt to appreciate everyone accordingly on the same page as regarding team work: that without one, the team could never be in completion.

This tough show kept on building on their personal flaws and at the end goodly men where made perfect through the stream line of Godly affairs. 

Finally bible stars carved the destiny of these young men into something of noble stock to their immediate society and served as a reconnection back to God. 

God bless team Ark
God bless all contestants
God bless the management and 
God bless Bible Stars