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Every donor for the Bible Stars TV Show is regarded as a member of the Bible Stars Supporters Club. In this way, we will be able to reach out to them in return and show our heartfelt appreciations at the end of the Show. God has called us to do greater works in his name and we believe this is another wonderful medium through which we can reach out to God’s people that are scattered across the world and be a great blessing to them.
It is sad to know that millions of Christians do not really know God and this is because they hardly make time to study the bible. As a result, a lot of funny and unbelieving things are happening today even in the body of Christ, but to the glory of God, he has blessed the world with this wonderful, innovative, competitive and exciting bible base tournament through revelation by his servant, Bectta Eferobome of the Bible World International Ministry, in 1999, in the city of warri, delta state during one of his 93 days personal prayer and fasting annual program.

In a clear and audible voice, God told him that 4 major things will be achieved through the event. These are as follow

  1. 1The name of the Lord God will be magnified as the Show promises to be far more entertaining, impactful, celebrated and godly in all ramifications
  2. 2The unification of the body of Christ will be strengthened through the Show
  3. 3Many Participants will become great Stars and celebrities in life.
  4. 4The Bible will be unveiled in the most exciting way and many will see the light and life of God, and this will result in a massive revival in the Church and the end time harvest of souls in millions into the Kingdom.

The estimated reach of the Show (12 monthly breathtaking episodes, showing weekly and will run from January to December 2021) via Television and social media handles, is 500 Million people.

We are confident that God will use you mightily as you make your donation today. The total budget for the Show, is N69million. God bless you real good!

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Account Name: Bible World International Ministry

Account Number: 4532022094

Bank: Ecobank